Letras escritas por Julian Kronenburg para a sua demo, Kill Me Twice, lançada depois do fim dos Arctic Warfare e antes de ingressar como vocalista nos Brides of Christ.

Kill Me Twice

Shivering hands
reach for my throat
And I don´t mind
it’s all my fault

My whole existence
is made of this
Everything’s wrong
and pain is bliss

Slave Mode

In a established order
mind no longer functions
There is no thought
only implanted notions

Can’t say, if I’m asleep or awake
My voice, is just a background noise 

Thought control
becomes standard procedure
No emotions allowed
feelings don’t figure

Before the fall

You walked the skies
from time to time
The skies are gone
and with them the light

Now I see you, embracing shadows
in the heart of darkness 

You wondered why
dreams of life
After crumbling down
were doomed to die

Now I see you, fading quickly
in the land of sickness

Stars were shining
in the desert sky
In spite of grey shadows
clouding your eyes 

Now I see you, chasing demons
in the domains of madness

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