When Karla Engel is sexually assaulted by four men in a dimly lit parking lot, something inside her breaks, unleashing through its cracks an avenging sword-wielding force that will sweep the streets of Saint Paul: the Exterminating Angel!

It will be up to Marko Baiser, a police detective, to hunt her down, only to find himself tangled in an obsessive and deadly pursuit... 

After publishing four collections of short stories through Coolbooks (available only in Portuguese), all of which are set in the fictional Saint Paul, the City of Industry, António Bizarro's first book translated to English is a stand-alone novella about a woman who, not only survives a harrowing ordeal, but also finds the strength to fight back. 

While fulfilling her desire for revenge, Karla Engel, a.k.a. the Exterminating Angel, goes off on a path of dispensing justice to those who prey on the weak!

«She saw the children play under the watchful eye of their mothers, observed them one by one and noticed that there were more boys than girls. Why was that? Later that night, in her sleep, Karla Engel revisited the women at the park talking to each other, without, however, failing to pay attention to the children, and dreamed about swarms of angels that came to kill their sons.»

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